Sardines in Sauce

Artisan Canned Food

Sardines in Sauce, Xoubas

Description  Our tins of cooked sardines are prepared by selecting small specimens and carefully cleaning them, one by one. Once they are clean, we dip them in flour and fry them. They are then packed by hand. After this, we add our cooked onion, pepper, garlic and other ingredients and sterilise the result in the autoclave.

Category Canned fish.

Ingredients Sardines (fish) olive oil, tomato, onion, red pepper, wine, flour (gluten), spices and salt.

Allergens Fish

Conservation Store in a cool, dry place. / Eat immediately after opening.

Format RO150
  • Nº 35 Sardines in Sauce

Dining development


Xoubas sardines with smashed potatoes

Use the potato confit as if you were going to make a Spanish omelette or a Spanish omelette tapa.  Use a ring mould to make the base. Lay out the base, pour the contents of the tin of Xouba sardines over it and garnish with a cherry tomato or a sprig of fresh herbs.


Xouba sardines & mussels

Make some miso soup. Once it has reached the right temperature, add our stewed Xouba sardines to it.


Xouba sardines with nori

The term “nori” usually refers to seaweed-based food products. The end products are made by cutting the seaweed into strips and drying them in a process similar to that used for paper. Nori is generally used to roll onigiri and sushi. In this case, toast it in a non-stick pan coated with a small amount of extra virgin olive oil. onigiri y el sushi This will give you some amazing nori crisps to go with our xouba sardines. All you need to do now is combine them with anything you like, such as pickled onion, a stick of fresh cucumber or some bean sprouts. 


Antipasto con sardinas guisadas, xoubas

In Italian cuisine, antipasti are appetisers that are eaten as soon as you sit at the table. This custom of serving food before a feast to whet your appetite rather than fill you up dates all the way back to the Italian Renaissance, when credenzas –sideboards that were usually richly decorated – were used. At this stage of a feast, diners were often offered delicious antipasti and water scented with flowers to wash their hands. In this case we have chosen cumin crackerbread and red peppers stuffed with gorgonzola and our xouba sardines. In one word: fabulous!